The filtration media utilized in the Geo Pleat filter is tremendously resistant to tears and punctures as well as moisture and microbial growth

GEO pleat hvac filter - green requirement - 


GEO pleat award winning patented filter - extra resistant - 


Long life filter achievement winner - geo pleat high efficient -              US Green Building council member - hvac filter -






-          Utilizes a thermal embossing pleating and glue bead media separation techniques, which created a three dimensional pleat in the media

-          This patented method of pleating and spacing allows the air stream to gently transition into the media, distributing the air evenly throughout the depth of the media

-          Bonded on all four sides, eliminating the possibility of air bypass around the filter media



-          The patented pleating design creates the lowest pressure drop, for a given efficiency, available in rigid box filters

-          The Low pressure drop of the GeoPleat leads to considerable energy savings in most HVAC systems

-          Longer filter life

-          No aluminum separators

-          The extreme light weight of the Geo Pleat filter makes it much easier on the installer to transport, install and remove the filters




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