rooftop 3 ply filters for HVAC application - filterscanada.ca ROOFTOP 3 PLY FILTERS

The 3-ply filterís media is non-allergenic, unaffected by moisture and humidity and is ideal in rooftop HVAC equipment exposed to high humidity situations.

100% humidity and high velocity air systems, including hospitals  ASHRAE CELL

Can be used in diverse conditions including 100 % humidity and turbulent or variable air volume systems  including hospitals, high tech manufacturing and food processing

automatic roll filters polyester commercial hvac - filterscanada.ca AUTOMATIC ROLL FILTERS

Polyester is widely used in the food, pharmaceutical, and electronic industries. The media is easy to handle without gloves and fiber break-off is held to a minimum

fiberglass media hvac filters - filterscanada.ca FIBERGLASS MEDIA

Fiberglass media is very effective in heavy dust HVAC systems as well as paint collection processes.

polyester media roll and pre-cut hvac filters - filterscanada.ca POLYESTER MEDIA

Polyester media filters are an excellent upgrade to Throwaway Filters by installing Pad Holding Frames and inserting pre-cut pads.

commercial hvac rigid filter fp minipleat VAV -filterscanada.ca  FP MINI-PLEAT FILTER

The Rigid Cell can withstand many unfavorable conditions, especially variable air volume (VAV) without negatively affecting the performance of the filter.

fp-s mini pleat filter VAV - filterscanada.ca  FP-S MINI PLEAT FILTER

The FP-S is designed to handle nearly all types of unusual circumstances: 100% relative humidity, turbulent air flow, intermittent exposure to water, repeated shutdown, desert and marine installations.

geo pleat award winning very resistant - filterscanada.ca  GEO PLEAT   long life filter winner of idea07 achievement award - filterscanada.ca

The filtration media utilized in the Geo Pleat filter is tremendously resistant to tears and punctures as well as moisture and microbial growth

titan fp filter commercial hvac equipment  TITAN FP FILTER

Engineered for hospitals, turbine, industrial, commercial and original equipment applications

nova pleat hvac filters - filterscanada.ca  NOVA PLEAT & NOVA PLEAT HC

Suitable for environments ranging from dry and harsh to high humidity

fiberglass pocket filter for commercial application  FIBERGLASS POCKET FILTERS 

 Specialty application areas include: oil mist collection, fume collection and collection of heavy concentrated fine airborne contaminants.  

pocket filters for hospitals, automotive plants and biotechnology facilities  POCKET FILTERS

Superior dusting-holding capabilities allow these filters to be used in most commercial and industrial applications as well as hospitals, automotive plants and biotechnology facilities.

fiberglass rigid cell commercial hvac filter   FIBERGLASS RIGID CELL

The Rigid Cell can be used as a pre-filter for higher efficiency products or a final filter in HVAC systems that require a high level of efficiency and cleanliness.