Portable Humidifier Filters

Bionaire, Honeywell, Holmes, Pure Air, and many more brand name portable humidifiers' filters seem a little hard to find at retail outlet stores...

humidifier portable with no replacement filters

Although we do not stock these portable filters we do have an alternate suggestion which could just be the solution you were looking for!


ONLY $149.00

HF 707 Ultrasonic Digital Cool and Warm Mist Humidifier with Negative Ions


The cool, dry winter months signal it’s time to put some much needed moisture back into the air. You pull out the old portable humidifier and ask, “Now, where do I find humidifier filters to replace the old one from last year?” Do you have a hard time finding water panels for your portable Bionaire, Honeywell, Sunbeam, Kenmore or other brand name portable unit?

You may want to consider switching to an ultrasonic humidifier, which comes with a permanent filter, and leaves no need to search for replacement humidifier pads. The HF 707 Ultrasonic Digital Cool & Warm Mist Humidifier with Negative Ions offers this convenience, along with the dual function of air purification, and so much more.


Some of the attractive features of the HF 707 are as follows:


§  A permanent ceramic, nano-silver filter for white dust, mould & bacteria

§  Negative ions for purified air & restful sleep

§  Cool or warm mist, with dual jets for broader coverage

§  Virtually silent operation for a restful sleep

§  Automatically regulates mist output according to desired humidity level

§  Low power consumption, less than a 40w light bulb

§  Variable Spray Control for small, medium, or large rooms

§  Saves you money with no wicks or filters to replace

§  Up to 14 nights or 120 hours of continuous operation without refilling the tank

§  Humidity level and room temperature display

§  High moisture output can quickly humidify a room up to 430 ft²

§  Notifies you when to refill the tank / Automatically shuts off when out of water

§  3 Year Warranty